Rid your backyard of ticks in Halifax, Dartmouth, Bedford, and beyond.

Ticks can be one of the very worst backyard pests. This pesky parasite lives off the blood of mammals like rats, humans, and dogs (sometimes even reptiles and amphibians), leaving irritating bites after feeding and falling free of its host to continue breeding. Sure, ticks can be removed, but they’re also prone to carrying life-threatening diseases. The chances of transmission increase the longer the tick is attached to its host.

When it comes to removing ticks, please don’t use tweezers! Use clinic recommended techniques and equipment such as medical tick spray to freeze the tick where its feeding, instantly killing it and majorly reducing the risk of squeezing contaminants and bacteria into the open bite wound.

Brush and trees butting up against your property are a paradise for these parasites. It’s also a great home for rats, squirrels, and mice, which are prime targets for ticks. Unfortunately, rodents and wildlife living close to your home can quickly turn into a tick problem, especially with rats if the critters start nesting indoors.

Better yet, prevent the tick problem before it becomes one.

Spraying for ticks is a good start, but it’s only a fraction of what you can do to nip a tick population in the bud. BBD Pest Services stands apart from other pest control companies in our unique, strategic approach to protecting your home and your family. We use safer, multi-level integrated pest management (IPM) methods administered by licensed, knowledgable, and highly-skilled pest control professionals.

Here’s how we do it.

The first step in quality pest control is assess, investigate, and determine the problem areas. Ticks have a tendency to shelter in overgrown vegetation and forests, shadowed areas around your home like fences and sheds, and seek out frequently travelled areas like footpaths for potential hosts.

Our treatment plans include:

Like any pest problem if left untreated, it will only grow worse and become harder to solve without environmentally invasive procedures. Ticks are most active in spring and fall, making it the best time to spray your ticks and put preventative measures in place.

Summer only lasts so long out here on the Atlantic. Don’t let a tick problem keep you from enjoying the sun in your own backyard!

Our dogs are our coworkers and friends. We use these same treatment methods to keep our dog run tick-free.


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