Zachary Sauvé
Licensed Pest and Heat Technician

Employing a quasi role Zack enjoys both sides of the business! He enjoys the challenge that comes with eradicating bed bugs but admittedly doesn’t mind dealing with “a good” hornet or wasps nest too! Zack loves the feeling he gets from providing peace of mind for his clients, it’s right up there with watching his favourite team – go Habs go!!

Jonathan Tucker
Senior Licensed Pest Technician
If you want passion for pests – Jon is your guy! His exuberance for his job is more than apparent and his knowledge is deep. Jonathan loves the challenge that his role provides….always rising to the occasion. He enjoys the camaraderie of working with a smaller family owned business. Jon’s favourite pastimes include four wheeling at the camp, darts, and jamming on his guitar.

Alex Nickerson, Junior Canine Handler

Alex Nickerson
Licensed Pest Technician & Junior Canine Handler
Alex loves solving problems and the interaction he has with his canine coworkers. Alex is a NESDCA certified canine bed bug handler. His reason for joining the Team was simple – he wants to make a difference and he likes the environment a family owned business can offer. During his leisure time Alex can be found watching his favourite Leafs team and enjoying a cold one!

Matthew Durnford
Operations Manager
Matthew joined BBD Pest Services after a long career in management and customer service to help make a difference in people’s lives. Matthew enjoys figuring out the best treatment method for our customers issues. Matthew has three young children that take up most of his free time. You can find him spending time with his family or banging away on the drums in his off time.

Pamela Barton
A licensed Financial Advisor by profession, Pam and Brian started Bed Bug Detectives in 2009. Pam started her financial career at 18 and today can be found steering “the BBD Ship” towards innovative technology solutions for their clients. Pam’s focus is on the customer experience and her passion from the beginning has been to lead change in the pest control industry by offering eco friendly treatment methods that work!

Brian Barton
President/Owner – Senior Canine Handler
Brian’s extensive pest control experience has proven to be invaluable to BBD, our customers, and staff alike.  Brian started in 2009 with one dog and a dream, look at him today!  Brian’s greatest strengths are his customer service, his empathy for his clients, and of course it goes without saying, his canine expertise.  Brian is an avid landscaper and enjoys time spent with his canine coworkers and family.

Dottie – GSP/Border Collie Mix
Member of Canine Detection Team
Dottie was the first NESDCA certified bed bug canine in Atlantic Canada!  She came to us from the Florida Canine Academy in 2009. As Brian reflects back to the beginning he notes Dottie picked them versus them picking a canine when he and Brett arrived in Florida to bring back our first bed bug canine to Nova Scotia.  Dottie is all about the work, no time to socialize; she and Brian have been instrumental in laying a solid foundation for what would become BBD Pest Services.

Red – Yellow Lab Mix
Retired Member of Canine Detection Team
Red was second in the line up of highly trained canines from the Florida Canine Academy in 2011.  Let’s just say Red had no problem letting Dottie do the work while he socialized.  Red Is no longer working due to health issues but is enjoying the good life retirement brings.  After meeting Red we are often told he missed his calling as a therapy dog, he is also our canine mediator when the fur gets flying!

Duke – Black Lab/Chesapeake Bay Retriever Mix
Member of Canine Detection Team
Duke is a native of Sambro, NS and was trained locally by Pam and Brian. Duke like our other canines in the field is NESDCA certified and ready to work at a moment’s notice. He can be found lining up in the morning to get out the door to work. Duke is extremely intelligent and likes to one up the other canines by taking all the toys when he gets home at the end of his work day.

Oliver – Purebred Border Collie
Training Member of Canine Detection Team
Oliver is from the Annapolis Valley and was trained locally by Kaylah and Brian.  Very quick to train Oliver had the scent down almost immediately; he is currently in training as an up and comer and will be looking to have his certification completed in 2022. Oliver loves fetch and his energy is immeasurable, he is a very kind, soft soul.  Oliver loves his baby sister Nova!

Rose – Purebred Beagle
Member of Canine Detection Team
Rose came to BBD/Halifax from Kansas City Ohio late 2019, she was trained by Ironheart High Performance Working Dogs. Rose loves her new job and can’t get out the door fast enough in the morning to begin her quest of searching out “the bugs”. She is small but mighty and has no problem holding her own with her larger counterparts. She loves hanging out with Red at the end of the work day as he “gets” her. The two are best of friends!!